Cricket Wireless Offers iPhone on Prepaid Service

Patrick Nosker June 2, 2012 0
Cricket Wireless Offers iPhone on Prepaid Service

Gone are the days of AT&T’s complete control of the Apple iPhone. After Sprint and Verizon started offering the iPhone 4/4s, its prevalence has rapidly surged. Now, the iPhone  is moving to the prepaid world on Cricket Wireless.

Using Leap Wireless (Cricket’s parent company) and Sprint for voice and 3G service, you will be able to purchase the phone for $399.99 (iPhone 4 8GB) or $499.99 (iPhone 4S 16GB) and pair it with a $55 a month plan that provides unlimited calling, texting, and 2.3 GB of full speed data (all data beyond 2.3 GB will be reduced in speed).

The cost of the iPhone is significantly less than contract-free phones from AT&T and Verizon. The cost of the plan is also less than through the major carriers.

Phones are locked to Cricket however, so once you buy it, you can’t leave and switch to Sprint or Verizon.

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