Apple Shares Reach All-Time High

Michael Convente August 19, 2014 0
Apple Shares Reach All-Time High

Shares of Apple stock reached an all-time high of $100.53 today, and currently is trading at $100.45 as of 1:30pm EST.  If $AAPL can close above $100.30, it will finish with it’s highest closing price ever (adjusted for the 7:1 split Apple conducted earlier this summer).  Shares of $AAPL are up over 36% from a year ago.

This is a remarkable rebound for the company, which has seen it’s formerly dominant smartphone marketshare for the iPhone diminish as competitors Samsung, HTC, and Nokia all gain ground.


Two year chart for $AAPL

Driving the rebound is news of better than expected iPhone 5S sales, along with rumors of a much improved iPhone 6 coming out this fall.  According to multiple reports, and as reported right here at, Apple hopes to regain lost marketshare by offering two larger iPhone 6 devices – one on par with the Samsung Galaxy S series, and a much larger device that compares favorably to the Samsung Galaxy Note series.  Not only will the larger iPhones finally join the large screen bandwagon, they will deliver higher profit margins, which is always positive for driving up a stock price.

Additional rumors point to an Apple smart watch and entry into the television market.  Be on the lookout for the latest information on the iPhone 6 and additional Apple product debuts at their launch event on September 9th.

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