IK Multimedia iRig Mic Review

Eric Branning April 14, 2014 0
IK Multimedia iRig Mic Review

Do you frequently sing in the shower? Need a sweet little device to boost your karaoke game, but on a graduate student’s stipend? Look no further then the IK Multimedia iRig Mic. The gem of condenser will run you about the average price ($59.99) and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices. The iRig claims to be the first handheld microphone for all platforms and it meets this claim while boasting a respectable quality sound.

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While aiming to make professional quality music by providing the less rich and famous top notch equipment, IK Multimedia has the ability to help you memorize speeches for big company presentations or wail on your guitar in your hotel room (please not too loudly, other guests are sleeping). I tested the microphone as a singer on an iPhone 5, so it is worth noting that the iRig Mic pairs nicely with a free app download of VocaLive effects processor suite.

 The iRig Mic comes with a microphone clip, dual mini-jack connectors, and three adjustable volume settings. The highest setting made my classic rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” a bit more muffled then expected, but the overall sound output for the price is very fair. Plus the sound mixing abilities on the VocaLive app were clutch in perfecting pitch. Another solid alternative if you run into a wall with the VocaLive free trial version is to pony up the $5 for Garage Band instead.

Now the music gods will not actually descend upon you with jubilant glee, since there are still limitations to using a microphone plugged into a smart phone. The benefits of the mic are that it is simple, easy to use, and portable. It has some weight, and if you swing it around your next like the guy from Taking Back Sunday, it may hurt a lot. The words rugged and durable come to mind.iRigMic2

If you are looking for something even smaller, try iRig Mic Cast. This little guy packs a punch too ($39.99). Final thoughts: the iRig Mic is backed by an awesome company made famous for letting musicians plug their instruments right into their smart phones. This fact seems to make it a safe bet if you purchase a product made entirely with the end user in mind.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic – $59.99

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