How long before Siri is available on other iOS devices? Unofficial hacks out!

Mo Choudhury November 7, 2011 0
How long before Siri is available on other iOS devices? Unofficial hacks out!

The much talked about Siri, the virtual personal assistant from Apple, is currently only available on the iPhone 4S and certainly contributing to its success. So how come it’s not out for other iOS devices like the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2? There does not appear to be any purely technical problems to running Siri on the iPhone 4. That being the case, it should  be capable of working just fine on the iPad lineup as well. Presumably, Apple is limiting Siri to the iPhone 4S in order to firmly establish it on the market without the iPhone 4, or even the 3GS, cutting into its market share.

Unofficially, Siri has already been ported to the iPhone 4 by developer Steve Troughton-Smith. You can check out the video of Siri on iPhone 4 here. Not only that, there is even a hack that has been made to work with the older iPhone 3GS! That is out from developers Grant Paul and the aforementioned Steve Troughton-Smith and the demonstration can be seen here.

So how long before Siri is officially available on other iOS devices? The current rumor is that Apple has assigned some engineers to do just that. Of course, the time frame of an official release is unknown.  We don’t foresee Apple allowing any other iOS devices to jeopardize the iPhone 4S sales during the holidays by letting one of its key features — Siri, become available on previous generations. Obviously, it’s quite another story unofficially.

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