LEAK: NZXT’s New Mini Phantom Case

Patrick Nosker November 11, 2011 0
LEAK: NZXT’s New Mini Phantom Case

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we have some details on NZXT’s next PC case.

NZXT is well known to make feature packed computer cases for a reasonable cost. We reviewed the Phantom case almost a year ago and enjoyed using it. This new case looks like a miniature Phantom. It is smaller in size than the NZXT H2. There appears to be a side window.

Based upon the out-of-focus photo provided in the email it appears that the case has fan controls on the right hand side of the case (rather than the left as with the Phantom) and doesn’t have the same style door for the front. It also is scaled down to be mid-tower sized rather than as bulky as the full-tower Phantom. Either way, it looks like a really cool case without the heft of its full-sized big brother.


The leaked case in question is the white case two to the left of the pink Phantom.


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