CES 2014: Intel Press Conference Liveblog

Patrick Nosker January 6, 2014 0
CES 2014: Intel Press Conference Liveblog

Hi guys. We’re at the CES 2014 Press Conference and will be updating every few minutes with details of Intel’s latest announcements.

1:47 PM – Basically a summary: Intel wants to integrate computing and take the next step and make computing more interactive

1:43 PM – Computer plays video illustrations of books and turn the page  automatically by listening to your voice and figuring your which page it’s on

1:39 PM – Learning and Education: collaborating with Scholastic using augmented reality

1:37 PM – laptop died…  finger gesture controlled games. Decent, but not any better than Kinect

1:35 PM – The keyword to trigger it is “Hey Dragon.” Copycats.

1:34 PM – Like Ok Google Now, except it doesn’t work

1:33 PM – Dragon in Real Sense – “Watch an episode of family guy” “I’m not sure what to do with that”

1:32 PM – Eye tracking in Google Maps Street View

1:29 PM – Interact Naturally: Windows 8 start screen navigation. Looks like Kinect.

1:27 PM – iJustine showed up and is demonstrating Intel’s dynamic background changer on Skype. Virtual “green screen”.

1:25 PM – Immersive: Intel partnership with Microsoft/Skype

1:23 PM – Intel partnership with 3DSystems “Question is not will every house have a 3D printer but which room in your house will it be in?”

1:21 PM – Manipulating images by depth of field (black/white background, color foreground). Looks like Instagram 2.0.

1:19 PM – Capture and Share: Build 3D models (Eden has a 3D model of his head) in real-time

1:17 PM – Intel “RealSense” technology — 3D camera and more following

1:15 PM – Intel’s new embedded 3D camera in Asus, Dell, etc. Super thin!

1:13 PM – Eden 100% convinced 3D will take over starting with the camera

1:11 PM – Just showed this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbNl3J8HXw4

1:08 PM – Elements of human/computing interfaces: Natural (voice, gesture, facial recognition), Intuitive, and Immersive

1:04 PM – Comparing processors to the brain. 2,300 transistors in 1971 (Intel 4004), Intel 1,700,000,000 transistors (4th gen Core), 100,000,000,000 Neurons (human brain)

1:02 PM – Eden discusses wearable computing– interfacing with the brain will be something he will see in his lifetime

1:01 PM – Mooly Eden takes the stage

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