AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo Take on Google

Aaron Holtzman November 8, 2011 0
AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo Take on Google

It is no surprise that Google has been dominating the online advertising market for some time.  But now, three of the largest contenders join forces in an act try to break the “monopoly” that Google has crafted.  Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL have decided to merge their unsold ad space to enable advertisers to buy from all three sites easily.

This deal’s focus is on “Class 2” ads which are the left-over space on sites but are visible to millions of users monthly.  This deal is groundbreaking for the internet advertising industry, advertisers will have a pick of the litter on these high volume sites as they struggle to regain some power in a market dominated by Google and relatively new competitor Facebook.

This is not the first time that a plan like this was hatched however.  Several years ago, Yahoo, Microsoft, and News Corp were planning on committing to something similar but an agreement was never reached for the joint venture.

What does this mean for advertisers?  They will get to enjoy in great deals from Google competitors and with this new form of competition, Google will have to react with better deals… they say competition breeds excellence.
For the average internet user, don’t expect to see anything crazy or out of the ordinary….there will still be the same ads to ignore on the side of your screens….. just remember not to feel too bad about ignoring them because the advertisers are getting  them cheaper anyway.


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