GMail Down For Many Users This Morning

Michael Convente December 10, 2012 0
GMail Down For Many Users This Morning

Millions of people who rely on GMail for their electronic communications have been left in the dark this morning and early afternoon, as users are reporting their GMail accounts are down.  Currently, this morning’s GMail outage seems to only be affecting web browser access, as mobile access is still working.  Though, there are also reports that Google’s new GMail app for the iPhone is not working either.

I know that I am only one person, but I can report that exact situation – I can’t access via Chrome, but I can still download via my iPhone.  Many of my friends have been posting on Facebook and Twitter with the same GMail outage issues.

We’ll keep you posted as the afternoon hits the east coast.

Update – 12:35pm EST: Well, that was quick!  It looks like web browser access to GMail is back!  Based on my initial notice of the outage, I’d estimate that the outage lasted around one hour.  Hopefully GMail will stay operable for the rest of today and beyond with no issues.

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