GoRave Wireless Home Audio System Review

Eric Branning February 8, 2015 0
GoRave Wireless Home Audio System Review

Since pnosker.com was founded in 2008, we’ve reviewed numerous audio products of all types – Bluetooth speakers, headphones, custom in-ear monitors, and more. But nothing comes close to our latest review product, the GoRave multi-room wireless home audio system. GoRave is the first in line home audio product from Levven, a Canadian audio electronics company. Levven seems like a company of audio engineers who have a keen eye and passion for consumer satisfaction, and we were very excited to review the GoRave system.

GoRave is not simply just another home audio system, instead, GoRave unlocks big audio for all of your devices, and they mean serious business. Plug in a GoRave audio sender to one of the many approved electronics devices (smartphones, laptops, and more) and you can start the listening immediately. All of my experiences watching movies and listing to music over the last two months have increased dramatically because of this stellar multi-room audio system. The set up for any home audio system is typically tricky, unless you are an old school handy man type. The fine people at GoRave take this into account with a helpful online step by step process complete with video guides.

Installing the GoRave AR5 audio receiver was the hardest part of my set up. My apartment is small enough for the full range to cover its’ entirety, but my skills installing high end audio equipment could use some improvement. Once completed, the GoRave Demo Kit: Single –Zone GRDK2 was up and running smoothly. Though the entire set up is priced at just under $2000, this is a reasonable price point for the market. Understandably two thousand dollars is an investment, but you will proudly showcase a symphony of pleasantry for all ears within range. Also, for this price point you will get a custom designed system tailored specifically for your home or apartment. You can check out their online customization tool here.

A big advantage of the GoRave system is that it does not need a specific application on iOS or Android to work. Anything connected to the system from one of your devices will broadcast through the AR5 receiver. There is also a two zone model, which allows for separate volume control and simultaneous play for two different consecutive dance parties. Sadly, I had a brief panic attack when the audio sender attached my iPhone was temporarily misplaced. We recommend pairing GoRave with a dedicated device to keep brief panic attacks to a minimum.

As we spend more time on our multitude of devices, it makes sense to enhance and optimize music, video, and gaming audio for the entire home. The GoRave system may not be right for everyone, but if you’re willing to make the investment for a dynamic system, GoRave is a great way to go. The system definitely fit my apartment décor and audio consumption lifestyle. Go ahead and throw a party. You will feel like a rave DJ.


GoRave Wireless Home Audio System

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