Volkswagen 2015 Full-Line Drive Event Liveblog

Patrick Nosker August 25, 2014 0
Volkswagen 2015 Full-Line Drive Event Liveblog

Writer Eric Branning and I are in Middleburg, VA for VW’s Full-Line Drive Event. We will be checking out VW’s line of vehicles today, but for now– the VW press conference.

8:32 AM EST – $900M investment with 2000 new jobs: B class SUV (7 passenger) production in Chattanooga, TN along with the Passat. Jetta and Passat make up 65% of sales for VW brand.

8:35 – 2015 Jetta – 2.0 naturally aspirated engine, 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TDI, hybrid and GLI available soon. New bumper/trunk lid, bi-xenon available, aero improvements. 1.8 TSI – 34 MPG highway, Diesel, 46 MPG with manual transmission.

8:36 – Even more premium interior. New driver assistance systems. Best in-class trunk space, best volume and torque, highway fuel economy. Base Jetta with manual – $17,300, $18,400 with auto. $21,600 diesel with manual, $22,740 with DCT.

8:38 – e-Golf – 70-90 mile range, 100+ with Eco+. 24.2 kWh Li-Ion (264 cells), 115 HP and 199 lb-ft torque. LED headlights! Batteries mounted under the front and rear seats and transmission tunnel. Battery warranty for 8 Years/100,000 miles (70% capacity limit).

8:40 – Differences from Golf: new bumpers, no tailpipes, LED headlights, C-shaped daytime running lights. 0.27 drag coefficient. Low-rolling resistance tires. AC/DC charger. 80% charge in 30 minutes at DC fast charging stations. 3 selectable regeneration settings.

8:42 – $35,455, $299 month lease for SEL Premium model. Roadside assistance to reduce range anxiety. If the e-Golf runs out of charge within 100 miles of the owner’s home, VW will transport the car to a convenient charging station and cover a taxi to get the owner home. ChargePoint deal with 18,000 charging stations. Carbon neutral manufacturing. On sale in late 2014. New Golf R with 292 HP on sale in Q1, 2015.

8:44 – New GTI – 210 HP and 258 lb-ft (220 hp with performance package). 34 MPG highway with manual. Available intelligent limited-slip differential.

8:45 – 2015 Golf – 45 MPG diesel highway, $17,995 for launch edition with manual. TDI S diesel – $3,000 less money than before. New 150 HP diesel.


Eric and I will be driving the e-Golf, Jetta, and possibly the GTI and will be posting our reviews of them shortly.

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