2015 Volkswagen (VW) Jetta TSI Review

Eric Branning October 7, 2014 0
2015 Volkswagen (VW) Jetta TSI Review

Pat and I were able to test-drive the e-Golf, GTI, and Jetta TSI 2015 models. This article covers the 2015 Jetta TSI model and briefly compares aspects of the 2015 Jetta Golf TDI Clean Diesel. Volkswagen has made impressive improvements to show a deeper commitment to the U.S. market. About 85% of the production and materials are from or made in North America.

VW executives on sight touted the Jetta Golf TDI Clean Diesel as being about to go 800 miles plus additional cruising range on one tank of gas. Stuart Gardner, VP of Product Planning, sums up their market strategy as, “Cars that are fun to drive at a price that normal people can afford.”lead9-2015-vw-golf-tsi-fd

On the other hand, the conservative estimate for the 2015 Jetta Golf TSI is around 567-mile range based on 43 mpg highway EPA. These numbers were given for the automatic transmission with 13.2 gallon fuel tank, and the normal warning of variable mileage based on driving habits and vehicle condition. Still the Jetta Golf TDI has the potential to give you an additional 230 miles on that tank of gas, which could make frequent road trips all the more affordable.

As with most Volkswagen vehicles, there is a heavy emphasis on safety and quality. A new blind spot monitoring system is available that will alert you when nearing a collision, as part of the overall safety package. The price per value is stellar at with a basic model TSI starting around $17,035.

VW partnered with an interesting cast of characters to promote there new Golf family line of products. The tag line: Ready. Set. Golf. Funny or Die drove a Jetta through a Target store on purpose. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week compared the Golf TDI Clean Diesel to a shark that needs to be always in motion. Check out Pat’s article here to learn more about the e-Golf. Certainly, it is a niche model small car, but such a strong story of versatility from our perspective.


Pat and I were measured a bit of performance data from the car with a Passport G-Timer. Rough estimates on performance stats based on a few runs of the Golf TSI are below.

0-30: 2.80 seconds
0-60: 8.17 seconds
1/4 mile: 15.30 seconds at 84 MPH
60-0 Stopping Distance: 117 ft

The 2015 Jetta Golf TSI is has pretty smooth handling and a decent turning radius. Comparable perhaps to a 2015 Hyundai Elantra in efficiency and speed, gut check goes with Volkswagen. If you are in the market for a new car that is comfortable, safe, roomy, quiet, sensibly priced, and enjoyable the Golf TSI will make your commute happier.

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