Infinity Ward bans 1600 cheaters from MW3’s online

Michael Foley November 21, 2011 0
Infinity Ward bans 1600 cheaters from MW3’s online

Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo,) had warned gamers against hacking a few weeks ago. Now it seems that his team is doing everything they can to thwart any would-be cheaters and ban them off the multiplayer game modes. According to Bowling’s recent Tweets , they have effected over 1600 bans. He continues to urge the MW3 gaming community that they keep reporting anyone seen cheating, hacking or taking advantage of any glitches.

His tweet also hints that developers are currently working on updates that will patch some of the issues gamers have experienced, such as the “shotgun glitch.”

In my opinion, this zero tolerance policy for cheaters and hackers will only improve the online gaming experience. What do you think?


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