CES 2014 Preview: Digital Health & Fitness Tech Hitting the Mainstream

Eric Branning January 1, 2014 0
CES 2014 Preview: Digital Health & Fitness Tech Hitting the Mainstream

It is that time of year again, when everyone declares triumphantly that they will get into better shape. Well, let technology help you keep that promise past March. Beyond willpower it takes dedication to keep fit. One major secret to success is consistency.


Fitbit Force

Digital health and fitness items help keep track of work outs and calories, while pumping your favorite jams for motivation. Healthcare technology is certainly on an upswing and a several companies have made a major play with mass marketing. So please allow me to help you, help yourself.

We have seen substantial growth in digital health and fitness technology throughout the past few years, but it is the debut of the Wrist Revolution wearable technology tech zone at CES this upcoming year that will really launch digital health and fitness products fully into the mainstream.  Fitting in perfectly with the arrival of Wrist Revolution is the Fitbit Force, which is Fitbit’s latest and most advanced version of their wearable fitness and health tracking wristband. 


The Fitbit Force uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync to your smartphone

In real-time, the Fitbit with new Force wireless activity allows you to record things like distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed. It records rest efficiency and provides a vibrating alarm feature. It is a neat, sleek, and best-selling item for any fitness guru or aspiring amateur (fake it until you make it). If Fitbit is a little to intimidating, check out the new updated Fitbit App for the iOS on iPhone 5s, which lets your smart phone keep track steps, distance, and burned calories.

Included is a Force tracker, wireless sync, charging cable, free membership to Fitbit.com, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Track your everyday fitness, runs, workouts, and sleep quality with ease.

Fitbit Force – $129.95

Over the past five years there has been a surge in the number of sport headphones to hit the market.  The first set of modern sports headphones focused on staying fit even during active use, but today’s sets go above and beyond with innovation.  iSportHeadphones

Monster’s iSport Victory in-ear headphones have been a market leader over the past few years.  The iSport headphones are specially crafted with their “earhook design”, which offer a tight fit even during the most active use.  An anti-microbial coating will keep your iSport’s clean after all your work outs.  These headphones are water-resistant, noise canceling, and sound isolating.  The superior noise reduction lets the user focus on the most important thing – intense workouts.  Sound matters, of course, and the iSport headphones provide athletes with the best beats a sport headphone can offer.

Monster iSport Victory in-ear headphones – $134.95

Keeping fit requires more than just an active lifestyle, it also requires keeping a healthy diet.  The HAPIfork, one of the most buzzworthy products in the digital health tech zone, will help you eat right.

HAPIfork helps with weight control, curbs eating too quickly, and allows the user to sync quantifiable portion control goals to an online dashboard or mobile app. This handy meal tool even records the duration of your meal and eating speed. I know what your thinking, why would I want to measure the amount of “fork servings” per minute that I eat?


I imagine only those who are serious about help weight control and need to slow down when they chow down. HAPIfork literally vibrates when you eat too quickly to deter gluttony. Times the intervals between “fork servings” are also noted. The upside is that the fork may help you break some pesky bad habits. The downside is that you exactly how fast you just inhaled that cheesecake and some guy at the other table just yelled for whoever to answer the freaking phone on vibrate.

HAPIfork Bluetooth-enabled Smart Fork – $99.99

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