RHA MA350 Noise Isolating Earphones Review

Matt Moran November 18, 2012 0
RHA MA350 Noise Isolating Earphones Review

The RHA MA350 delivers high quality sound for a very reasonable price. The MA350 is a simple yet elegant pair of black earphones (an aluminum and fabric woven cable to be exact) that provides clear and crisp sound comparable to Bose headphones and other high-end models I’ve used in the past. RHA Audio, a division of Reid Heath Limited, is a British company that is relatively new to the American market, so its products are have had limited exposure in the U.S. The Glasgow, Scotland-based company aims to create “unique, high specification audio products” and guarantees its products for three years.

Listening to a wide variety of music, from classical, alternative, to rap, the MA350 provides an impressive sound for such a small object. The earphones also do a great job of canceling out background noises, further improving the sound quality and allowing the listener to concentrate on the music – I was able to turn the volume on my MacBook down by half when I switched to these headphones from my Mac earbuds. Also, the earphones are comfortable, sitting nicely in my ear that I almost forget they’re there.

Now, for a few drawbacks. The earphones do not come with a microphone. This is not a huge deal, but something worth considering if you talk on your mobile device using an earpiece, as I frequently do. The RHA MA450i is sold with a microphone, but its availability appears to be limited in the United States. The earphones are best used when sitting or in a still position – too much movement, such as use at the gym or walking – and the sound gets slightly obstructed. While the obstruction is not horrible, it’s definitely noticeable. Also, the right “R” and left “L” are small and somewhat hard to see.

With only a few exceptions, the RHA MA350s are a top quality set of headphones that provide excellent sound at an affordable price.

RHA MA350 Noise Isolating Earphones – $39.95


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