A New Game for the Sega Dreamcast

Seung Lee June 26, 2012 0
A New Game for the Sega Dreamcast

NG:Dev-Team is a group that’s actually released a new game for the Sega Dreamcast and SNK’s Neo Geo. Gunlord is a run-and-gun game that’s only available for purchase through the retailer Play-Asia. There’s a standard edition that costs $39.99 USD, a Limited Edition that has a soundtrack for $49.99 USD, and something called a “Dragon Box” which isn’t available yet for $119.99 USD. For fans of side-scrolling shooters and old school graphics, Gunlord may be worth breaking out the old Dreamcast and/or Neo Geo and shipping and handling.

To learn more about Gunlord please visit http://www.gun-lord.com/.

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