Apple WWDC 2012 Recap

Michael Convente June 12, 2012 0
Apple WWDC 2012 Recap

Even though Apple’s annual WWDC event runs for five days, yesterday was the biggest day for Apple consumers, as CEO Tim Cook took the stage to reveal Apple’s newest line of products, both hardware and software included.

Apple’s biggest announcement in regard to hardware was the announcement and immediate release of its “next generation” MacBook Pro laptops.  This updated line of MacBook Pro computers will have Retina Display screens as an option, but only on the 15″ model and for a steep upgrade price of $400.  Apple’s products are notoriously pricey, so you can expect to shell out a cool $1799 for the bare-minimum version, and upwards of $2700 for a “fully-loaded” model.  If you’re interested in some more specs of these “next generation” MacBook Pro laptops, be sure to check out the link directly above.

Apple also had two major software announcements.  The first was regarding a new OS X version called Mountain Lion, which will integrate Apple’s iCloud service much more prominently than the current OS X Lion version.  Mountain Lion will also integrate Apple’s GameCenter, providing it another link to the company’s mobile devices.

Speaking of mobile devices, Apple revealed big news in regard to its iOS software.  Apple announced that iOS will get a full version upgrade, bringing it to iOS 6.  Siri will be more advanced – at least that’s what Apple is saying.  So far Siri has been a disappointment, as developers have had a very difficult time implementing it into non-Apple applications.  Nevertheless, Apple is pushing full steam ahead with Siri, as it has been featured almost exclusively in Apple’s media advertisements for the past few months.  Siri will also be making an appearance on Apple’s iPad tablets for the first time, so hopefully developers can take advantage of this.

Finally, a new version of the iPhone is glaringly missing from this year’s WWDC.  Perhaps this is not so shocking as the iPhone 4S was only released 9 months ago, but considering the iPhone is the device that launched a technological revolution and pushed Apple to the highest valued company in the world, reporters and consumers are always looking for any hints about a new iPhone.

As the rest of WWDC 2012 takes place, we’ll have all the latest Apple news for you, so check back to regularly!

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