Google to Make 7 Inch Tablet, Hires HP WebOS Team

Patrick Nosker May 26, 2012 1
Google to Make 7 Inch Tablet, Hires HP WebOS Team

Two separate but possibly related things happened at Google over the past few days. According to a report from DigiTimes, Google has been working on developing in 7″ touchscreen tablet with Asus. It expects to ship 600,000 tablets in its first run with over 2 million this year. The tablet should be released within two months.

In other news, the core of HP’s WebOS team which developed the HTML5 framework called Enyo are now working for Google’s Android team. Hopefully, they will be able to integrate some of the intuitive GUI and usability features found in the now axed WebOS system.

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  1. Eric Blade May 28, 2012 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    Enyo is a Javascript framework, and is a completely seperate unit from webOS. It is not the core of the webOS team, nor even the core of the Enyo team, it’s not called webOS Enyo, it’s just Enyo.

    A handful of people who happened to be engineers working on the Enyo project are now working for Google, and are not necessarily involved with Android at all.

    And webOS hasn’t been axed — there’s a major new update coming in September.

    I’ve never seen more flat out bullshit in one post on the internet in my entire life.

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