8-Bit Brawler Heaven: Oniken (PC) Available June 22

Shane Chandler June 15, 2012 0
8-Bit Brawler Heaven: Oniken (PC) Available June 22

Fan’s of classic side-scrolling games of the 8-Bit era need to throw their wallets at the upcoming indie release Oniken. With 6 missions and over 18 bosses, plenty of gameplay can be expected. Did I mention its only $4.99?

Oniken will have an initial release on Windows with planned support for Mac and Linux following. Even at such a great price, any NES fan should at least check out the demo currently up on their site at http://www.oniken.net/p/download.html. Check back here for a full review when the game releases.

For more info or to preorder your copy go to either http://www.oniken.net or http://www.desura.com/games/oniken now!!!

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