Rumors of Unlockable AMD R9 290 Cards in the Wild

Mark Pinkerton November 27, 2013 0
Rumors of Unlockable AMD R9 290 Cards in the Wild

AMD has been selling their new R9 graphics card for a month now and PC hardware and overclocking forums are buzzing with info on how a user was able to unlock his brand new R9 290 (~$400) from Powercolor into a R9 290X (~$550).  Apparently, it was merely a BIOS lock which could be easily and safely flashed due to the dual bios on the graphics card. Many have had success flashing a 290X updated BIOS and have reported having all 2816 stream processors and 176 texture units of the 290X. AMD has been no stranger to doing this due to the lack of available silicon on launch which makes the story more feasible. However with the first shipments out many people are wondering if you can still get an unlockable R9. It may be too early to tell now, but it seems that there are more and more people that have been able to get theirs to unlock. With my R9 290 on the way I can only cross my fingers.

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