“Mr. Trololo” Of Internet Fame, Dead at 77

Michael Convente June 4, 2012 1
“Mr. Trololo” Of Internet Fame, Dead at 77

Some sad news to break to you this morning.  The Russian man of meme stardom, Mr. Trololo (also known as Eduard Khil in real life), has died of a stroke.  He was 77.

The Trololo Man, as he was known across the Internet, first gained fame in 2009 when a bizarre clip of him singing in vocable form was uploaded to YouTube.  The original uploaded video has over 12 million views as of today, and many other parody versions have been made.  The meme rose to prominence in early 2010 after TV personalities Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel aired the clip on their respective television programs.

Incredibly, the immense popularity of this Internet meme convinced Mr. Khil to get back into singing, despite being in his mid-70s.  He had performed several times throughout Russia during the last few years, including an appearance at the Russian Victory Day Parade in St. Petersburg in 2010.

We at pnosker.com bid a solemn adieu to the humble and friendly man of Internet meme fame, Mr. Khil AKA “Mr. Trololo”.


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  1. Michael Foley June 4, 2012 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    🙁 makes me sad

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