Monster CES 2012 Press Conference Live Blog

Michael Convente January 9, 2012 0
Monster CES 2012 Press Conference Live Blog

Hello to all our readers!  We are live in Las Vegas at CES 2012 as we set to bring you coverage of today’s Press Conference day at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  I’m going to be liveblogging this morning’s Monster Press Conference (with the help of my brother Matt Convente), so keep it here from 9:00-9:45 AM (PST) for all of the latest new products from Monster!


8:40am PST – we are 20 minutes until the start of the press conference,  just waiting in line and charging up with some coffee!

8:45am PST – view of the Monster 2012 Press Conference banner! 

9:10am PST -All right, we’re in and right near the front!  Check out the podium!

9:12am PST – Monster Cable, Inc. is officially being renamed Monster.  Which makes sense, because most of their new products are in the retail division.  For 2012, the slogan for the company is “Join The Revolution”

9:16am PST – Monster has partnered with People Power to provide the most advanced power centers in the world.  They are fully connected to the Internet and the Cloud in order to adjust usage in real-time.  You can connect home appliances to the power centers and monitor kwh costs in real-time, helping consumers track their usage and save money.

9:22am PST – In the audio market, Monster is introducing a new product called Monster Micro.  It is voice commanded and controlled and fully customizable with different colors and voice commands!  The MSRP is set at $299.

9:28am PST – Now we’re talking headphones!  We’ve seen over 160% growth in $100+ headphones.  This has been driven by customers demanding superior sound quality and style over fit and price.

9:34am PST – We’ve got Verdine White from Earth Wind & Fire debuting their “Real Music” Graditude series headphones!  These are for audiophiles who love true sounding music with all of the classical instruments!  Look out for them in stores in 2012!

9:40am PST – Nick Cannon has partnered with Monster to produce NCredible branded headphones, priced for teenagers ($69-$129).  Even though Nick is recovering from an illness now, he was cool enough to Skype in!

9:40am PST – Monster is combining fashion with technology by partnering with Diesel to make a specific Diesel Vector line of headphones.  Check out the model rocking them below!  The Director of Diesel, Stefano Rosso, is here as well to talk about being bold through innovation.  Partnering with Monster (a technology company), is quite unusual for a fashion company, but it is partnerships like this that separate both brands from their competitors and be at the forefront for consumers.  The main aspect of the collaboration – “if eyes could hear, these headphones arewhat they would expect to ‘hear'”.











9:50am – Here is an up-close picture of the Graditude series by Earth Wind & fire!

9:55am PST – Check out X-to-the-Z Xzibit rockin’ his Inspiration line of headphones!  He looks a lot cooler in them than I do!










10:00am – And that’s all folks!  That wraps up the Monster 2012 CES Press Conference!  Thanks for staying live with us and stay tuned to for more updates and posts about Monster products right from their booth in Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

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