Nearly 1 Million Xbox 360s Sold on a Record Breaking Week!

Ken Hong November 30, 2011 0
Nearly 1 Million Xbox 360s Sold on a Record Breaking Week!

Wow! That is a ridiculous number to be put in a weeks span and even more shocking is that this product isn’t even new to say the least.

In its seventh year, the Xbox 360 sold for more than 960,000 units during the Black Friday week. And if you’re not impressed by that stat, try 800,000 consoles within a 24 hour period. Alongside more than 750,000 Kinect sensor were sold, as a standalone and bundled.

The Kinect is a motion sensor device that is able to detect the movements of its users without having the need to hold on to a controller like you would for a Wii. Although I own an Xbox myself, I do not have the Kinect but I did play it on a friend’s once and it actually got me a little sore from the workout considering how much I exercise. From throwing upper-cuts and jabs to serving a tennis ball, I was satisfied in the one time Kinect encounter as it had accuracy and precision to carry out my movements.

But there are pros and cons to owning an Xbox 360. The most obvious con is the membership fee Xbox Live has for online multiplayer games, whereas PS3 is free. On the flip side, games and updates for Call of Duty for example comes out a few weeks earlier for Xbox 360 members, so if you’re an extreme gamer and pre-order all of your games, I doubt you’d want to wait for it on PS3.

Let’s not forget that the Xbox 360 is also an entertainment platform. You can watch Netflix on it, which offers up to 12,000 movies and tv shows of DVD quality and some in HD. With the Microsoft Xbox 360 getting older, it hasn’t lost much steam, and with a new entertainment platform coming out in December that could have the world’s leading tv and entertainment providers such as Comcast and HBO GO, Microsoft just might have more people sold on its product in the year to come.

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