Facebook Debuts 2012 Year in Review and Trends Pages

Michael Convente December 12, 2012 0
Facebook Debuts 2012 Year in Review and Trends Pages

This morning Facebook has debuted a 2012 “Year in Review” and Trends page for all users of the social networking service.  Members of Facebook can see their own individual Year in Review page by clicking the banner above their “Recent Activity” area adjacent to the “Status” text box.

Clicking on the Year in Review link brings users to a page highlighting their best social moments of 2012, which mostly includes a rotating wall of well “liked” pictures and status updates.  The page also gives each user a recap of their friend adds and pages likes of 2012.  Based on the results from my own Year in Review page, my top moments were attending CES 2012, bidding farewell to my Aussie friends as they headed back to Australia, and my trip to Turkey this past summer.  I’d say I agree with those results!

Facebook also debuted a 2012 Trends page that details the top 10 buzzworthy moments across a wide range of topics, including memes, sports, politics, technology, and many more.  For example, Times Square was the number one check-in for Facebook users during 2012, but seven of the top ten overall were baseball stadiums.  Interestingly, the show Duck Dynasty was the number one discussed show for television in 2012, even beating out Honey Boo Boo and the Big Bang Theory.  Who knew?!

And don’t fret worldwide users, Facebook also included the top world trends for 2012 across several countries.

So readers, what did Facebook identify as some of your top 20 moments in 2012?

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