Tee Off With Wonderputt On Your iPad September 13

Seung Lee September 13, 2012 0
Tee Off With Wonderputt On Your iPad September 13

Apple’s iPhone 5 may be in the spotlight right now, but there’s still reason to talk about the iPad, and the release of Wonderputt on the 13th will help prove it. For the low, low cost of one dollar, you can enjoy some of the most visually appealing rounds of golf that you’ll (probably) ever witness in your lifetime, especially if you own an iPad 3 (for the stunning retina display).

If you don’t own an iPad 2 or iPad 3, however, that’s okay because you can still play the game on an internet browser by going onto this link (hopefully you at least have a dollar). You can also watch a bizarre trailer for Wonderputt below.

Now, if you’ve tried Wonderputt, own an iPad 2 or 3, and liked what you saw or played, then why not support the people responsible for its creation? Say no to places like Taco Bell and McDonald’s for a meal, and join a cheap, virtual country club.



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