Angry Birds Space Takes Off!

Michael Foley March 22, 2012 0
Angry Birds Space Takes Off!

One small step for Rovio, one giant leap for Angry Bird fans. Yes that’s right, the newest iteration of the highly popular game Angry Birds is finally here: Angry Birds Space hit the digital shelves just today.

Rising to meteoric heights, the Angry Birds franchise has seen a few expansions already and with great success. In fact, between the original game and its sequels, the series has lead to more than 500 million downloads (up to over 700 million now) on various platforms.

But Angry Birds Space leaves these other games behind and ventures where no bird, angry or otherwise, has been before: Space. Unlike its predecessors, Angry Birds Space is simultaneously familiar and alien. The premise might be the same, but the execution of the game is quite different. Most of your favorite birds, like the red and black bird, are still there but we also get to witness the addition of some new characters. Joining the gang is a purple bird that redirects its flight path to a specific area and a light blue bird that freezes nearby obstacles. But these aren’t the only changes Rovio made to the game. Players must now navigate through an increasingly elaborate environment filled with planets, whose gravity they must use to set up their shots. While initially pretty straightforward, the gravitational effects of the nearby planets become more and more important as the levels progress. The physics of the game are amazing and can be used in a myriad of ways to achieve the end goal of destroying the villainous pigs. Like all Angry Bird titles, the game forces players to think about the right approach and angle their catapults ever so carefully.

With 60 interstellar levels and updates on the horizon, Angry Birds Space is sure to become one of the most fun, time wasting and addictive games available. It is a great game to purchase for newbies and diehard fans alike, so if you don’t already have it, get it now!

Download the game through the App Store.

Download the game through the Android Market.

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