New Apple Store in Grand Central to open by Black Friday

Michael Foley October 25, 2011 1
New Apple Store in Grand Central to open by Black Friday

For those New York commuter who desperately need to buy the new iPhone but don’t have time to go to the Apple store, you can relax. Apple is building a store right in Grand Central Station. And if all reports are accurate (via TechCrunch,) it will be open for business on Black Friday next month.

Employees for the 15,230 ft2 space have already begun training in a Times Square hotel, and according to PhoneArena, will be fully trained by November 11th.

The picture below was taken by an MTA employee and showcase the still-under-construction Apple store. And while this might not seem like a big deal, the fact that it is indoors and poised to become one of the largest Apple stores in the world is worth noting.

Apple seems to be capitalizing on two things here, not only opening on one of the most lucrative shopping days of the year, but also planting their new store right in the middle of 100,000’s of commuters. It’ll be interesting to see how the store copes with so much foot traffic. My bet is that this will become one of Apple’s most lucrative stores. These lights really will inspire you this holiday season. Let’s hear it for Apple’s new store in Grand Central.


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  1. Derp October 25, 2011 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    wow that reference at the end was painfully awkward. Just quit while you’re ahead in terms of 2009 references. that was horrendous

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