Daily Gaming Update: February 17th

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An adventure game on consoles you say? Yes, you read that correctly, there is an adventure game that is planned to be developed on consoles first and then ported to the PC.  That and more is contained within today's daily gaming update.


Adventure games have long been belonged to PC gamers; something about the gamepad has always caused a problem for developers trying to use the gamepad for puzzle solving.  Frogwares is trying to crack the code with the one and only Sherlock holmes, for which they have released the first screens.

So far so good, but we'll have to wait and see how The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament Of Sherlock actually works as an adventure game developed with consoles as the lead platform.  The game releases in Fall of this year.

[The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes]-$TBA

Yesterday Deep Silver released one of the most epic trailers of all time for the newly reannounced Dead Island, but they didn't exactly give us much info about how the game would actually play.  Now the first details have emerged, and it seems to be right in line with what the trailer suggests.

The release will be a zombie action game which puts players onto a tropical island whose inhabitants would like nothing more than to eat your brain.  It looks to be taking some queues from Dead Rising by putting guns and ammo in limited supply and forcing you to use improvised weapons in order to defends yourself and your family.  Under the hood will be the Chrome 5 engine, the next generation of the engine that powered Nail'd to some beautiful environments earlier this year. 

You'll be attempting to survive yet another zombie apocalypse on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, "later this year".

[Dead Island]-$TBA

In a convenient twist of fate, the day after Hard Corps: Uprising hits virtual store shelves (if you haven't picked it up yet, see why you should both here and here), another side scrolling shooter gets its big reveal.  The game in question is the most aptly named game ever: Shoot Many Robots.  Unsurprisingly, the reveal trailer shows the many different ways you'll be shooting up robots once the game releases.

You and up to three friends will be able to shoot up some metal sometime in 2011.

[Shoot Many Robots]-$TBA

When de Blob 2 comes out next week you'll be tasked with returning color to the world yet again.  To get a look at how a world without color would look and how you'll go about returning would look THQ has released a trailer titled "The Takedown."  Warning, as with all trailers for this action-adventure game, obscene cuteness ensues.

de Blob 2 will launch on the Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and Wii next week on February 22nd.

[de Blob 2]-$38.99(Wii),47.99 (PS3), $38.78 (Xbox 360), 29.82 (DS)

Men Of War: Assault Squad will be bringing World War II back onto your PC next week, but that doesn't mean that you'll need to wait until then to get back to fighting the second great war again.  1C Company announced today that you can pick up a copy of the demo now from their official website.

The demo will see you trying out the new skirmish game mode in the European theater and it will also feature a more standard scenario in the Pacific.

Men of War: Assault Squad will launch on February 25th only on the PC.

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