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PSN Back Online, For Real May 15, 2011 0

Well folks, it's finally over.  After weeks of darkness the PlayStation Network is finally coming back online.  In a blog post over on the official Sony blog states that Sony are finally allowing users

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What does Valve’s Shift Away From Episodic Content Mean For Video Games May 14, 2011 0

In a little ballyhooed interview recently, Gabe Newell, the head honcho behind Valve, stated that the company will be supporting their games post-release by including updates which are substantially smaller than the previous episodic

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Anonymous Fires Back Against Sony May 8, 2011 0

In the latest act of what has become a soap opera for the ages Anonymous has yet again fired back against the assertions that it is responsible for the latest attack which brought down

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Why You Probably Won’t See The ‘Xbox 720’ at E3 2011 May 8, 2011 0

Recently rumors started floating around the internet regarding a possible E3 reveal of the next Xbox (we’ll just call it the Xbox 3 for simplicity sake).  The report, initially published by Develop, has entered

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More Sony Attacks Incoming? May 6, 2011 0

It doesn't seem like Sony can catch a break these days.  Just as they announced that they are undertaking the commendable move of covering any identity theft charges associated with second round of hacking,

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Some (Belated) Reflections on PAX East April 16, 2011 0

We’re now a month after PAX, and it seems like the experience that was PAX East has finally sunk in and fully marinated in my brain.  In a word, my time in Boston was

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On Breasts In Gaming February 28, 2011 0

A couple weeks ago, I mostly gushed about Two Worlds II for very good reason: it’s a lot of fun and it gives you plenty of world to romp around in.  However, there was

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Bejewled Blitz Live Review [XBLA]

Bejewled Blitz Live Review [XBLA] February 27, 2011 0

It must be something in the water up in Seattle, Washington because PopCap has done it again with Bejewled Blitz Live.  Arriving second to the XBLA House Party, this sequel has everything you could

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Dear Link: Don’t Mind The Trolls

Dear Link: Don’t Mind The Trolls February 23, 2011 0

Well hello there Link, it looks like you've just celebrated your 25th birthday and I totally missed it (it wasn't on Facebook, I apologize).  I'm sure you're aware of all of your achievements over

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TNT Racers Review

TNT Racers Review February 22, 2011 0

TNT Racers is a game that doesn't have many peers on the Xbox Live Arcade. A kart racer out of Keen games and dtp entertainment, it hits the unique niche of being one of

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