February 16th: Dead Island, Anamoly: Warzone Earth

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Today we have what could possibly one of the most epic trailers ever: Dead Island's (re)announcement trailer, which features zombie killing the way it was meant to be: in reverse slow motion.  On top of that there's also a PSOne classic coming to the PSN, a new RTS out of Paradox and more.


You've defended the tower for god knows how many times, and now you feel like you should finally get a chance to attack it.  11 Bit Games is giving you the opportunity to do just that with their iOS/ PC/Mac tower offense release Anomaly: Warzone Earth.  The indie developers have released a new trailer that shows you the tools at your disposal for succeeding in your goal.  It's no Dead Island, but have a look below.

You'll get a chance to finally let out your aggressive tendencies on the tower in "early 2011"

[Anomaly: Tower Defense]-$TBA

It seems fitting that after taking a look at the entire season of Nascar last week Eutechnyx has taken it back to the very beginning of the season with their latest trailer.  This time the team is showing off the grand-daddy of all Nascar races: the Daytona 500.  Have a look below

Nascar 2011: The Game will be released on March 22nd on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

[Nascar 2011: The Game]-$57.99(PS3), 56.99 (Xbox 360), $47.99(Wii)

When the 3DS launches next month racing fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on a new version of Ridge Racer designed specifically for the 3D handheld.  Turns out they won't be the only ones drifting around corners come next month though, as Namco announced today that they'll be bringing Ridge Racer Type 4 to the PSN this March.

The original was a pretty solid title, scoring an 88 on gamerankings, and the remake will hopefully bring more of the same.  Type 4 will be out in March with a full suite of 48 cars, eight tracks, and over 300 car variations.


[Ridge Racer Type 4]-$TBA

Last time we saw the team Techland and Deep Silver, they were teaming up to release Nail'd, the most adrenaline filled experience this side of Crank and with an equal amount of depth.  Now the two are back at it again, this time with a totally different game.  Have a look at this amazing trailer for Dead Island, the upcoming survival horror game out of Techland.


We don't have any more details at the moment, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on this one in the future.

[Dead Island]-$TBA

Russia and The West have been fighting in the virtual world for as long as video games have been around.  Paradox is firing the latest volley with their latest announcement: Naval War: Arctic Circle.  Unsurprisingly, the game will be an RTS which tells the tale of a conflict between the Russians and NATO where they fight over, you guessed it, the Arctic Circle.  Have a look at the developer diary for more info.


The game launches in Q1 of 2012, but we're sure you'll get a chance to kill some commies before then in another game.

[Naval War: Artctic Circle]-$TBA

Talk about a trailer!  The developers over at Spicy Horse have released a teaser for their upcoming action-adventure game Alice: Madness Returns and it's safe to say we're a little bit speechless right now.  Just have a look for yourself.


Alice: Madness Returns will be going all crazy on you for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in Q3 of this year

[Alice: Madness Returns]-$59.99(PS3), $59.99(Xbox 360), 59.99 (PC)

In news which shouldn't really stun anyone, especially in the wake of Thor's voice talent, SEGA announced today that the video game adaptation of Captain America will feature Chris Evans, the star of the upcoming Captain America movie, as the in-game voice and likeness of the first avenger.

Hopefully the inclusion of Evans on the voice cast means that this video game movie won't actually be terrible.  We'll find out when Captain America: Super Soldier launches in 2011 (presumably right around the same time as the movie).

[Captain America: Super Soldier]-$TBA

You don't see announcements like this very often, but apparently Square Enix has decided to put out some DLC for Lords of Arcana.  The extra content includes four missions and is available now for free.

Not sure if you should pick up Lords of Arcana now that it's been out for a couple weeks?  Have a look at Will's review

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