February 14th: Brian Wilson Trailer, Mindjack DLC. and Breach Patch

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Surprisingly slow monday here in video game land. Sure, MLB 2K11 released a new trailer featuring the one and only Brian Wilson and Square Enix announced that Mindjack is surprisingly getting some DLC. Other than that though, there's a couple of trailers and an otherwise slow Valentines day.


Where as last week Evan Longoria discussed the implications of Dynamic Player Ratings, Brian wilson is here now to discuss some of the new player models in classically ridiculous Brian Wilson style.  If you're a fan of the bearded closer or you just want a good laugh it's worth your time.


MLB 2K11 will launch on March 15th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

[MLB 2K11]-$59.99(Xbox 360), $59.99(PS3), $49.99(Wii)

Mindjack didn't win over our own Shane Chandler, but it looks to have built up enough of a fanbase to warrant some DLC.  Square Enix revealed today that the game will be receiving not one, but two sets of additional multiplayer content.

The first pack, conveniently titled Map Pack 1, will launch on February 15th on both PS3 and Xbox 360.  The second will be dropping on March 8th for both platforms.  Both map packs will cost 560 MSP/$6.99 and both will feature two maps where you fight against enemy waves and one where you need to take out enemies in entrenched positions.


[Mindjack]-$51.99 (Xbox 360) and $45.00 (PS3)

Last week when PC owners got their hands on a Breach patch but console gamers were left out in the cold; now things are heating up for Xbox owners, because Atomic Games has announced that they've released a patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game.  Much like the PC patch the changes were mostly bug fixes and lag reduction, so hopefully it will improve your gameplay experience.

Additionally, the guys at Atomic have extended the demo to 60 minutes, meaning you've got a little more time to try Breach before you decide if it is worth your time.  That is of course, if our review left you a little unsure.


[Breach]-$19.99 or 1200 MSP

Microsoft has developed a plenty friendly habit of soothing the Monday blues by giving you games while not hitting your wallet quite as hard and this week is no exception.  If you've been itching to play Blacklight: Tango Down but haven't wanted to fork over the 1200 MSP, consider it your lucky week because that's this week's deal.

How much will you be saving?  I'm glad you asked.  For the next seven days UTV Ignition's shooter will be 50% off, or 600 MSP.

It's Valentines day, meaning you can expect plenty of love, choclate, and hearts around the country today.  It isn't just people who are getting into the act, as apparently the Swarmites are feeling the love too.  In this latest trailer they wish you a happy Valentines Day by doing what they do best: getting blown to smitherines.

You'll be helping the swarm avoid this fate sometime in Q1 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.


For the second time in as many weeks an iOS game is making the jump to Sony's Minis programs.  Last week Bulkypix's Twin Blades made the jump, and now the mobile game developer is back at it again, bringing Pix'n Love Rush to minis.

So far only European dates and prices have been confirmed (they're in early March), but if we're using those as a baseline expect a free version for PSN + users and then a paid version for around $3.00 after that.

[Pix'n Love Rush]

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