Feb 1st: New Twisted Pixel Game, Tropico 4, and FFIV

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As the slightly altered title indicates, we've got a whole bunch of new info for you today. First and foremost is obviously the announcement of Gunstringer, a Kinect-enabled game out of Twisted Pixel. That isn't all though, as we've also got a strategy game on consoles (gasp!) and two release dates from Square Enix.


It isn't every day that you see RTS games making the jump from PC to consoles, but Kalypso has already done it once with decent success in the form of Tropico 3.  Now they're pulling the same trick again with Tropico 4 and bringing it to the Xbox 360.

Tropico 4 will give you the opportunity to cope with the changes happening to Tropico by bringing 20 new challenges spread over 10 new maps.  It will also feature six new natural disasters and the ability to appoint citizens to your cabinet to help force your decision through.  The Xbox 360 and PC version of Tropico 4 will be released in Q2 of 2011.


[Tropico 4]-$39.99(PC) and $49.99 (Xbox 360)

Ever since Dan Teasedale left Harmonix to work on an unnamed "ridiculously cool project" we've been wondering just what he's working on with the Comic Jumper developers.  Turns out it's a Kinect-enabled shooter titled Gunstringer.  Along with the announcement, the developers have also put out a trailer to show some gameplay.

No release date was given, nor was it revealed whether or not the game will be downloadable or on-disc.  Nonetheless, this could bode well for the Kinect if Twisted Pixel is able to create a good XBLA game that uses Microsoft's hardware.  We'll get our hands on both this and Ms. 'Splosion Man come PAX East.



Up until now US fans were kept in the dark as to when they'd be playing Square Enix's interestingly named action-RPG The 3rd Birthday,  That information was finally revealed today as Square Enix announced a ship date for their PSP-based shooter which has already seen a Japanese release.  In addition, they also made it known that Yvonne Strahovski (of Chuck fame) will be voicing Aya Brea, the game's heroine.

Considering the solid reviews that this game saw in Japan, it's best to keep an eye out for The 3rd Birthday when it drops on March 29th here in the states.

[The 3rd Birthday]-$29.99(PSP)

Paradox Interactive is well known in the PC space for their grand strategy and hardcore titles, but they are starting to make inroads in the console space as well.  Today they released a video interview for their upcoming XBLA/PSN based tower defense game Defenders of Ardania.


Defenders of Ardania will allow you to take both the offensive and defensive side of tower defense to consoles and iDevices in Q2 of 2011.

[Defenders of Ardania]-$TBA


dtp entertainment announced today that they'll be bringing the Crazy Machines series to XBLA and PSN.  The Rude Goldberg inspired puzzler had previously just been confined to iPhone and PC but will now be making an appearance on consoles with over 100 challenges to solve in the game's puzzle mode.


You'll be trying your hand at solving these puzzles  in Crazy Machines Elements come Spring 2011 on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

[Crazy Machines Elements]-$TBA


Square Enix had another date in store for gamers today. In addition to the release of their upcoming action-RPG The 3rd Birthday, they also revealed the release date for Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection



The PSP exclusive release, which will see both the original FFIV and The After Years crammed onto one UMD with a remastered soundtrack, will be released on April 19th.

[Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection]-$29.99

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