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Apparently the video game industry didn't feel the VGA hangover for very long, as a whole boat load of new information emerged today ranging from the first free DLC for Kinect Sports, more free DLC for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, the first gameplay footage for Uncharted 3 and much more.

While Naughty Dog brought a teaser trailer to the recent VGA awards, they save the actual gameplay footage for, strangely enough, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The level shown depicts Nathan and Sully running through the chateau as it burns down.


The gameplay itself is obviously scripted for presentation, but the real entertainment comes when the controller is given to Fallon. Watch at the end as the floor drops and Fallon freaks out, priceless.

[ Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception ]-$TBA

Back at Halloween, En Masse and TERA brought you a look at the worlds you would be inhabiting when the game releases in 2011.  Now that Christmas is right around the corner, the developers have put out a trailer showing off one off the sorcerer class, one of the possible character classes you can choose in-game.

TERA will be released in Q1 2011.

[TERA]-$F2P (With a premium shop)

It is rare that publishers themselves offer bonuses which are not specific to a certain retailer but SoutPeak Interactive has done just that.  Today it was revealed that gamers who pre-order Two Worlds II before the January 25th release will not only receive $10 off their pre-order, but also they will receive a free Sordohan's Journey shirt emblazoned with the phrase "YEAH I LIKE TO KILL".  These bonuses are in addition to anythiing else a given retailer is already offering.

Two Worlds II will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on January 25th.

[Two Worlds II]-$49.82 (PC), $59.82 (Xbox 360) and $59.99 (PS3)

Many people have disparaged the Kinect because of its lack of hardcore titles, an allegation which is true to an extent.  However, although they haven't supported it with the deepest games, Microsoft certainly has thrown it's full weight behind their peripheral.  The push to support Kinect continued today with the announcement of free DLC for both Kinect Sports and Joy Ride

For Kinect Sports the free content will be in the form of a party pack that includes six new mini-games, three mascots with which you can play 15 new partly play games, and a challenge feature to allow you to compete with your friends.  It will also come complete with 10 more achievements worth 250 gamerscore points for achievement addicts.  You can download the "Kinect Sports Party Pack" now.

Kinect Joy Ride will be getting a Chevrolet pack on January 4th.  This free DLC will be slightly smaller and will only give players three new cars: the Chevrolet Camaro, Cruze, and Corvette.

[Kinect Joy Ride Chevrolet Pack]-$Free

[Kinect  Sports Party Pack]-$Free

Due out for release next year, Explodemon is a a platformer developed by Crave Games in which you must use explosives and speed to conquer levels.  For gamers who have not yet been exposed to this
'Splosion Man/Super Meat Boy style title, the developers have released a new trailer that showcases the game's sense of speed.

Explodemon will be released in January 2011 exclusively on the PSN.


THQ hasn't pulled any punches so far when showcasing their upcoming shooter Homefront, a fact likely due to its gritty and dark subject matter.  That trend shows no signs of stopping as today THQ released a new trailer that gives gamers a look at some of the story and the atmosphere of the shooter.  Be forewarned though, there are some parts which are definitely disturbing.


Homefront will release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 8th in America, March 10th in Australia, and March 10th in Europe.

[Homefront]-$57.99 (PS3), $57.99 (Xbox 360), $47.99 (PC)

Now that Animus Project 1.0 and its new maps and game modes has gone live, you may have thought that Ubisoft was done with giving out the free updates to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.  To this, the developers have responded "bollocks", announcing yet another free update.

Animus Project Update 2.0 will, much like the first, bring a new multiplayer game mode called Chest Capture, in which you and your fellow templars must either capture or protect chests scattered about the map.  Players will also have the opportunity to explore the new Pienza map.  Nothing was revealed about the latest playground, but there isn't really much room to gripe about that considering the DLC is free.

Your animus will get updated to v 2.0 this January

[Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Animus Project V 2.0]-$Free

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