Daily Gaming Wrap-up: December 8th

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Today's daily gaming wrap-up has news from all across the place.  Not only has a date for X-Men Arcade now hit the net, but also there are more NEOGEO-inspired titles, new dancing games coming to the Xbox 360, and oh so much more.

Now that the Kinect is out, DDR may seem like a thing of the past, but Konami doesn't believe so.  The Dance Masters developer announced today that they are working on a new version of their classic dancing franchise.

The biggest additions to the latest game will be the introduction of Club mode and Dance Off mode.  These two modes, which were featured in the PS3 version of the latest DDR will give players new ways to dance the night away.  Club mode will task players with completing between four and 20 songs of varying difficulties while Dance-Off will have up to players rotating through playing the same song on one dance mat, with the winner being the one who scores highest.

Xbox 360 owners will be experiencing the latest DanceDanceRevolution in early 2011.


The holidays are a time of brightness, joy, and hopefully happiness all around.  EA has decided to balance all of these light emotions by bringing a demo of Dead Space 2 to consoles in all around the world this December 21st (although European PS3 owners will have to wait until the 22nd). 

The demo will reintroduce players to Isaac Clarke as he wanders through the Church of Unitology during the outbreak of Necromorphs on the space-station Sprawl.  As they progress, players will get a chance to sample the modified Javelin weapon, updated stasis and telekinesis abilities, and the ability to control Isaac in zero-g space.  Just be sure to keep the lights on so that you don't get too scared.

Dead Space 2 will launch on January 25th on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

[Dead Space 2]-$56.99(PC), $79.95(PC Collector's Edition), $57.99 (Xbox 360), $79.95(Xbox 360 Collector's Edition), $57.99(PS3), $79.95(PS3 Collector's Edition)

Following the announcement of the Games For The Holidays promotion, a set of three releases: ilomilo, World of Keflings , and Raskulls, Microsoft has released a trailer showing some gameplay footage of each of these titles.  There's also a look at how the different titles will interact with each other stored inside.

The GFTH promotion will start on December 22nd with World of Kefings and then will continue with Raskulls and ilomilo in the following two weeks.

[Games For The Holidays]-800MSP

Early 2011 looks to be a big season for RPG fans.  For one, fans of the original Dragon Age are getting a follow-up from RPG mega-studio Bioware in March.  However, fans of Oblivion style open world RPGs won't have to wait that long to put a quality game into their consoles as Two Worlds 2 has now received a release date.

Fans of the underdog will get a chance to see what is looking to be one of the biggest turn-around sequels in video game history on January 25th, 2011 in both the US and UK.

Two Worlds 2 will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Two Worlds 2]-$49.82 (PC), $59.82 (Xbox 360), $59.99(PS3)

Gamers are going to have to wait a couple more weeks to get the full NEOGEO channel on the PSN, however, they won't have to wait any longer if they are craving a quick hit of classic arcade action.  Today SNK Playmore announced that they have released NEOGEO HEROES-Ultimate Shooting for the PSP.

The title, which casts you as one of 10 classic characters from the NEOGEO era and force them to save the world through top down shooter action.  It is available exclusively for the PSP and can be downloaded via the PlayStation Network store.

[NEOGEO HEROES: Ultimate Shooting]-$19.99

This week is heaven for arcade gamers.  First, they got the announcement that NEOGEO games will be coming to the PSN within a couple of short weeks, and now, Konami has revealed a release date for X-Men Arcade.  Players who want to get their mutant slashing game on with either Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Storm or Wolverine will only have to wait until December 15th to do so if they have an Xbox 360.  Unfortunately for PS3 owners, it appears to be a timed exclusive deal, although as of the time of publication there were conflicting reports over how much time Sony users would have to wait. 

Konami and Microsoft have still remained mum on how much you'll be shelling out this holiday season in order to replay the classic arcade game on your console.

[X-Men Arcade]-$TBA

Source: Eurogamer

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