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You'll probably be noticing a change in the way that we report news here at over the next couple days, so I figured I'd just get that out of the way first.  For a variety of reasons, we're switching over to a daily digest format which will be posted nightly as opposed to more numerous, and smaller, posts throughout the day.  Fret not though, as the actual content itself really won't change at all, just the way you receive it.  Also, it should be noted that we'll be creating this daily news wrap throughout the day, meaning that if anything major were to happen, we would still be able to keep you up to date on that.  Getting you started on the first of these wrap-ups will be three trailers: the first gameplay video of Operation Flashpoint: Red River, a look at the story of Two Worlds II, and stories of how Warren Spector and Co. went into the archives for Disney's Epic Mickey.

Following up on a teaser released last week, Codemasters has given the world their first look at the gameplay of their upcoming military shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River.  If you're looking for a pure look at running and gunning, it probably won't appeal to you; however, if you want some insight into the story and atmosphere of the latest Operation Flashpoint game, it is definitely worth a look.

Players should be able to visit Tajikistan in order to combat both China and insurgents sometime in Q2 of 2011.

[Operation Flashpoint:  Red River]-$TBA

Next up we have a trailer from Topware showcasing some of the events which took place in between Two Worlds and the upcoming Two Worlds II.  Now, most of you (me included) probably have not played through the entirety of Two Worlds and therefore might not really care much about story continuity therefore.  Even if this is the case, give the trailer a peek, it has some combat which is worth the price of admission.

Two Worlds II will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this January 4th.


[Two Worlds II]-$49.82 (PC), $59.82 (Xbox 360) and $59.99 (PS3)

Warren Spector and the rest of Junction point have been very talkative about how they've taken advantage of the Disney legacy in the lead up to the release of Disney's Epic Mickey.  It's an interesting watch if you're a Disney fan and want to get a look at how they decided which characters to include.

Disney's Epic Mickey will release this November 30th exclusively on the Wii.

[Disney's Epic Mickey]-$45.99(Regular Edition) & $69.96(Collector's Edition)

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