Strategic Command WW1: 1914-1918 Announced November 19, 2010 0

For gamers, the first World War may as well never have happened.  After all, while there are innumerable games covering WWII, The Great War has never received a full video game, likely due to the scintillating nature of trench warfare.  However, this type of warfare does lend itself quite well to a grand strategy game, which is likely the reason that a WWI game is going to see the light of day in the form of Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918.

The latest title in Fury Studios' grand-strategy series will see the implementation of a new game engine which covers all the minutae strategy fans love: trench warfare, shell supplies, national morale, and more.  The game will also furnish the biggest map in the Strategic Command series at over 39,000 tiles in addition to incoroporating other, smaller campaigns.  No release date was given.


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