Rock Band Ottoman Storage Released November 18, 2010 0

Rock Band can clutter up a space very quickly.  Starting with one guitar, which in and of itself is a sizable object, the instruments quickly pile up until it seems that your floor has been swallowed by plastic instruments.  In order to solve this problem, a variety of companies have come out with storage solutions, with the latest being Level Up's Rock Band Storage Ottoman.

Inside the ottoman you'll find two velcro guitar straps to keep up to two axes in place, drum stick loops to hold one set of sticks, and accessory side pockets which allow enough space to fit a microphone and leave enough space for a broken down drumset.  Additional storage space, as shown above, can also be added on.  The storage piece also features carrying handles and can be folded down in order to appear like a normal ottoman.

The collapsible ottoman/storage device combo is available now.


[Rock Band Ottoman Storage Ottoman]-$89.99 (Costco) $199.99(Online)

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