Aion Online Gets Upgraded November 12, 2010 0

NCSoft announced today that Aion Online received the biggest change to its in-game environment to date with the introduction of version 2.1.

Full details about the patch can be found on the game's website, but the biggest change by far is that drop rates from monsters of all types have been drastically increased, meaning that you'll be seeing more reward for the time that you put in.  Additionally, NCSoft has also put in-game events on a consistent schedule so that you'll know when and where you'll need to be in order to take part in some of the events.

The patch is on player test servers now and will go live to all servers on November 17th.

Also, players can now take advantage of the Aion Adventurers Guide, a resource provided by the developers to help show players where to find level specific quests and instances to help them level up.


[Aion Online]

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