Boulder Dash Comes Running Into The Next- Gen November 9, 2010 0

For the earliest years of the Xbox Live Aracde it was a home to retro titles galore as developers appealed to the nostalgia of fans who spent hour after hour dropping coins into their local arcade machines.  However, as time wore on, the platform developed more and companies began to move away from remaking retro titles and more towards creating new IPs to the chagrin of some.  However, fans of old school classics aren't entirely out in the cold, as Kalypso Media announced today that they are bringing back Boulder Dash with a new and updated Boulder Dash XL




The remake will give fans of Rockford 150 new caves to explore and a revamped scoring system to allow for old-school leaderboard competition.  All of this will span 5 different game modes including arcade, zen, and retro, the last of which will feature 25 retro caves to move through. Boulder Dash XL will be released in early 2011 on both PC and Xbox Live Arcade.


[Boulder Dash-XL]-$TBA

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