New Apache Air Assault Walkthrough Released October 23, 2010 0

If there's one area of flight sims that have been relatively unexplored it has been helicopter flight.  While there have been scores of games published which put players in the cockpit of planes ranging from the P49 Mustang to the F-15, very few games have given players control of an Apache AH-64.  Activision is looking to change that this November with Apache: Air Assault; for those who are curious about just how a game based around helicopter combat will look, the CoD publisher has released a set of two trailers which feature a campaign walkthrough.

First up is part 1:

Which transitions nicely into part 2:

Apache: Air Assault will launch November 9th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


[Apache: Air Assault]-$47.99(PS3) & $49.99(Xbox 360)

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