Breach Hardcore Mode Detailed October 22, 2010 0

With the recent trend of realistic shooter games hitting consoles and PC, developers are continually striving to make their games more and more similar to real life combat situations.  Atomic games, a developer who works to create simulations for the US military and intelligence services may have them all beat with Breach, a cover-to-cover shooter that allows you to destroy your opponents cover in a variety of ways.. Today, Atomic games revealed more information about the hardcore mode, an even more realistic option for players of the upcoming cover-based shooter.

In hardcore mode, players will have their HUD minimized a change  not being able to see the weapon's fire mode or how much ammo you have left.  This is on top of more lethal weaponry and the possibility of enabling "Sole Survivor" a gametype where players only have one life.

Breach will start allowing you to destroy the environment around you in order to take out your enemies on the Xbox 360 and PC in January 2011.



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