Civilizaton 5 DLC Announced October 18, 2010 0

2K Games announced today that they will start releasing add-on content for Civilization V starting October 25th.

Available for download via digitial distribution will be two packs: the Mongols and Scenarios pack and the Babylonian Civilizations pack.  The former will be free and allow players to play as Ghengis Khan in order to create a massive empire on the Asian Steppe the latter, which was previously available as part of the Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition, will cost $4.99 allow players to play as Nebuchadnezzar II and use Babylonian bowmen to expand your empire.  Both will require a copy of Civilization V to play.



[Sid Meier's Civilization V]-$48.95(regular edition) and $99.99 (Special Edition)

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