O-Games Increasing Their Superstars V8 Giveaway

jmaltz@pnosker.com October 7, 2010 0

'It seems that O-Games just can't get enough of giving gamers free stuff, as they are doubling their giveaway of Superstars V8 Racing, although there is a slight catch.


All you have to do to enter is to like the Superstars V8 Racing fan page on facebook, and then post 'Superstars V8 Racing on PSN' in order to be entered to win one of twenty-five codes.  Should 1,999 people join and so by the contest deadline of October 25th, 11:59 PST, that number will be bumped up to 50.  As of right now the number of fans on the page stands at 1,142, so it is creeping closer to the magic number.  Superstars V8 Racing launches on October 26th exclusively for PSN.


[Superstars V8 Racing]-$19.99 (PSN)


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