New James Bond 007: Blood Stone Trailer Released September 21, 2010 0

When it was announced a month or so ago that Bizzare Creations would be at the healm of the newest Bond game I was quite frankly a little skeptical.  Yeah, Bizzare has a great track record on the driving side of things, but to me Bond has always been about the combat.  Some of those qualms have been put at ease with the release of the latest combat trailer for the upcoming Bond game.

It's tough to tell exactly how the combat will work based on the trailer, but at the very least it seems very Bond.  I'm loving the stealth moves but would like a little more information on the actual combat before I'm totally sold.  All of those questions will be answered (hopefully) this November 2nd when Daniel Craig, Judy Dench, and Joss Stone team up for James Bond 007: Blood Stone releases for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


[James Bond: Blood Stone]-$49.99 (PC), $59.99 (Xbox 360), $59.99 (PS3)

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