Can’t Wait To Get A Look At Bioshock: Infinite? Have No Fear September 20, 2010 0

With the announcement of Bioshock: Infinite a couple of weeks ago gamers around the world have been chomping at the bit to get to see some gameplay footage from Irrational's latest game in the heralded series.  Luckily, we will all be getting our first look at actual gameplay very soon.

Startin September 21st at 9:00 AM PDT the footage will be uploaded to Xbox LIVE and will be available for download onto your 360.  After that, on the 22nd the footage will be posted on the official Bioshock Infinite website.  Not many details were revealed about the video other than the fact that it opens with our Protagonist, Booker DeWitt, battling through Columbia, the city in the sky, in order to find his love Elizabeth.  The demo will show off some new gameplay mechanics and give players a look at the antagonist for the game, which is planned for release in 2012.


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