2K Announces A Third Mafia DLC Pack

jmaltz@pnosker.com September 16, 2010 0

2K Games announced today that players who want to return to Empire Bay for an expanded story will have the chance to just that later this year when Joe's Adventures releases.


The aptly named upcoming DLC pack will allow players to take the role of Joe, Vito's best friend since childhood.  Playing as Joe, gamers will explore new areas of Empire City while experiencing a new narrative storyline which revolves around finding out the truth about why Vito got sent to prison.  In addition to new areas, Joe's Adventures will also feature new clothing, music and collectibles.  The DLC will release later this year on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.


[Mafia 2]-$56.99 (Xbox 360), $58.54 (PS3), and $47.91(PC)


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