Ubisoft Announces Bloody Good Time

jmaltz@pnosker.com September 2, 2010 0

Ubisoft announced today that it will be releasing a new IP called Bloody Good Time this fall.

Powered by Valve's Source engine, Bloody Good Time attempts to bring a new and irreverent take to the FPS genre.  In the upcoming title, which was developed by Outerlight, you and up to seven other players will take part in a multiplayer shooter action set on a movie set.  As you play across various movie sets as token B-list movie stereotypes, you will have the option to dispatch your enemies with both traditional weaponry and more unique options such as a frying pan or a remote controlled explosive rat.   The game will launch both for the Xbox Live Arcade and Steam this fall for an as yet unannounced price.


[Bloody Good Time] (Site not live yet)-$TBA

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