Minerva’s Den DLC Available Now

jmaltz@pnosker.com August 31, 2010 0

Minerva's Den, the final installment of single-player DLC from Bioshock 2 has been released today for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The newly released DLC promises players a entirely self-contained singleplayer experience.  In it, players will explore the never-before-seen Rapture Central Computing as an all new character who is working alongisde Brigid Tenenbaum.  In addition to the new story, players will be able to use a new plasmid and all new weaponry in order to defeat new, and more dangerous splicers and a new type of big daddy.  The new adventure will cost you 800 MSP on the Xbox 360 or $9.99 if you download it via the PSN.


[Bioshock 2]-$27.99(Xbox 360) and $29.99(PS3)

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