Might & Magic Heroes Kingdom Released

jmaltz@pnosker.com August 30, 2010 0

Fans of the Might & Magic series have had a lot to cheer about the past couple of days.  Last week, there was the announcement that there would be a sixth installment in the now twenty-year old series; this week, Ubisoft gave them something extra to be happy about, by announcing the release of Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms, an MMO version of the fantasy RPG series.

Kingdoms, which is available on the PC, Mac, and iPad, is a browser based MMO which requires no client download in order to play.  In it, players will re-enter the world of Ashran and choose one of four different factions and battle it out both PvP and PvE style.  The game is available free, although there are subscription options should the game's style suit your tastes.

[Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms]-FREE

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