Updates Coming to BlackLight: Tango Down on PC and XBLA

jmaltz@pnosker.com August 27, 2010 0

Ignition Entertainment announced today that BlackLight: Tango Down will be receiving some much needed updates in the form of a patch for both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game.  The patch, which was released today will address a number of issues from grenade bounciness (it has now been decreased by 50% in case such things matter to you) and spawn campers (by increasing the invincibility time after spawn).  It will also alter the matchmaking system and round times in response to player feedback.

Additionally, the developers over at Ignition have reset everyone's trial timer, meaning players who were unhappy with their first taste of BlackLight can now give the game a shot with the new improvements. 


[BlackLight: Tango Down]-$14.99

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