The EA Gamescom Round-Up August 17, 2010 0

For those of you who aren't aware of such things, Gamescom, the biggest videogame event in the world, kicked off today in Cologne Germany.  With it, EA came out with a slew of big time announcements regarding everything from Mass Effect 2 to Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.  Instead of scattering it all across the site, we've decided to put it all in one place for you to check out.  So here it is, the EA Gamescom round-up.


Crysis 2

EA and Crytek's upcoming shooter will be available in two limited editions: Crysis 2 Limited Edition and Crysis 2 Nano Edition.  The Limited Edition will be available at no additional cost (although there will be a limited number produced) and will grant players bonus EXP in multiplayer to give them a headstart on the competition, weapon skins, and an in-game collectible dog tag.  The nano edition will feature the entire limited edition plus an 11" figurine of the Crysis 2's antagonist, an art book, and house all of the goodies inside a special backpack.  The Nano Edition is available by pre-order only and will cost $149.99.

Mass Effect 2

BioWare's critical darling will be coming to the PS3.  No exact date has been given other than January 2011.  The PS3 version will feature the full Xbox 360/PC original plus bonus content (the DLC packages perhaps?)

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Much like Crysis 2, Hot Pursuit will be getting a limited edition as well when it launches this November.  With this version of the game, gamers will receive 6 additional cars right away.  Four of these (the Audi TT RS Coupé, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Porsche Cayman S and Dodge Challenger SRT8) can be unlocked by other players just by levelling up.  Two of them (the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Ford Shelby GT500) will be exclusive to the Limited Edition.


Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 has received a date.  Players can expect to get their hands on Bioware's upcoming RPG on March 8, 2011.  You can also check out a sweet trailer for the game at the official website.


Well, that's everything non-sports related that EA decided to announce.  The sports announcements which were made will likely be coming your way in the next Sports Gaming Digest.

[Crysis 2]-$49.99(PC), $54.99 (Xbox 360), and $59.99 (PS3)

[Mass Effect 2]-$TBA (PS3)

[Need For Speed Hot Pursuit]-$59.95 (Xbox 360), $56.99(PS3), and $49.95(PC)

[Dragon Age 2]-$59.95 (PS3), $59.95 (Xbox 360), $49.95 (PC)

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